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Events and Activities

Visit of M.Sc. Environment Management students to Hathipaon, Mussoorie

Students of M.Sc. Environment Management Ist semester went on a study tour cum practical demonstration to Hathipaon, Mussoorie, on 26th September 2019 under the guidance of Dr. H.B. Vashistha and Dr. Mridula Negi.

The location was mainly degraded with lime stone mining which was practiced in the 20th century. Plantations play a critical role in restoring productivity, ecosystem stability and biological diversity of degraded area. This mining area has been taken up in a restoration project by the government of Uttarakhand which was headed under the guidance of Dr. H.B. Vashistha under Environment Impact Assessment scheme. Dr. H.B. Vashistha and Dr. Mridula Negi demonstrate the students about ecological importance of several plant species and importance for restoration of degraded mining sites and also unveil the students various patches which were restored by them. Students also got the opportunity to identify various plants and their medicinal and economical importance.

Trip helped the students to learn about the various plant species which can be utilized to restore degraded land.