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Events and Activities

Forest Research Institute organized “World Ozone day 2019” on 16th September on the theme “32 years and healing” celebrating the remarkable international cooperation to protect the ozone layer and the climate under the Montreal Protocol. The programme started with the welcome address by Dr. H.S. Ginwal, Dean Academic, FRIDU followed by a scientific talk by Sh. Bikram Singh, Director, India Meteorological Centre, Dehradun on “Ozone Depletion: Impacts and Remedies”. He discussed on various topics related to ozone depletion and reclamation. Sh. Arun Singh Rawat, Director FRI and Vice chancellor FRIDU, emphasized the importance of ozone in protecting the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and ask to take a pledge to spread awareness among public to protect the ozone layer. A nukkad natak was performed by the students of FRIDU highlighting the importance of ozone layer and the harmful effects caused due to its destruction. The students urge the mass to reduce emissions from automobiles and to minimize the use of modern equipments like refrigerators and air conditioners which releases chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere which in turn are responsible for ozone depletion. The nukkad natak was followed by a motivational dance act by the girl’s students of FRIDU which portray the significance of ozone layer. The programme concluded by a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. H.S. Ginwal, Dean Academic, FRIDU.