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Events and Activities

Workshop on Solid and Liquid Resource Management with Sh. C. Srinivasan as Special Invitee

We live in a world where material goods are getting manufactured at a fast rate due to increasing quality of our lifestyle. The society has evolved into something that values the consumption of goods at the cost of our environment. To make matters worse, the demand for cheap and easily accessible materials has sky rocketed which is unsustainable and has put undue stress on our natural resources. As responsible citizens of our nation we all have a responsibility towards the environment and have to collectively work towards resolving these issues.  

On 13th September, 2019 the Forest Research Institute Deemed to be University organized a workshop on Solid and Liquid Resource Management. The special invitee was Sh. C. Srinivasan, Project Director and founder of Indian Green Services. He is a pioneer in starting a movement to address the issue of garbage and turning it into gold. His methodologies were simple yet affective. He brought us face to face with the stark reality that our blatant apathy towards how we dispose our waste is the reason why people and animals alike are dying of diseases. Throughout the course of the workshop he emphasised on a very important point, that if handled timely and diligently, the waste is no longer a waste but is a resource. He showed us a case by case example of towns and villages where such a model proved to be successful. It made us realize that if done in a pragmatic way the problem of garbage can be easily resolved at home by simply segregating the waste.   Overall, the whole experience was surreal and has helped to put things into perspective on how we should handle our waste more sensibly.