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Events and Activities


Conservation starts from knowing the nature. Natural world is very vast and includes simple microbes to giant whales; small gardens to big national parks; and also we humans are an integral part of the nature. So, nature as our focus point, we started “Nisarg” with objectives of exploring the natural world by our activities like nature trails, trekking, field visits, guest lectures, group discussions ; educating ourselves about the natural world and outreaching to the people by our extension works and awareness programmes in nearby schools.

  1. Understanding the nature through field activities/ studies and field expert guidance.
  2. Organizing various extension and awareness-cum-exhibition programs in villages, schools and colleges and other such places.
  3. Paying special attention for organizing group activities for school students with respect to understanding of wild flora and fauna of surrounding area along with identification and redressal of specific problems prevailing in localities concerned to nature and environment.

Activities of Nisarg:

  1. Praktiti Utsav
  2. Van Mahotsav celebration
  3. Snake handling workshop
  4. Wildlife week celebration
  5. Animal rescuing
  6. Guest lectures
  7. Biodiversity documentation of surrounding areas
  8. Nature trails
  9. Plantation in nearby areas
  10. Cleanliness drive
  11. Children’s day celebration
  12. Choti Jigyasa

Objectives of Prakriti Utsav and Jigyasa:

  1. To install sense of curiosity in students about their surroundings
  2. To make them capable of understanding environmental problem of their Village and scientific analysis of the problem and providing solutions to it


Tentative schedule

Praktiti Utsav


World Sparrow day celebration

20th March

Van Mahotsav

1st week of July

Snake Handling Workshop



Every Saturday from August

Wildlife Week Celebration

1st week of October

Cleanliness Drive

2nd October

Children’s Day Celebration

14th November