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Events and Activities

On 14.09.2018, a lecture was organized for the students of FRIDU on Purity of mind & Positive Thinking through yoga as a part of incubation cell activity. On the occasion, Ms. Arunima Sharma, a seasoned ashtanga yoga practitioner was the resource person. Ms. Arunima Sharma talked on numerous health benefits of yoga as well as its role in stress management and positive attitude. She demonstrated through body exercises how yoga can be an instant relief from stress, and cure for many diseases. She stressed on the importance of breath in ones lives. According to her success in life depends upon one’s attitude and enthusiasm, no matter how hopeless your life might seem you can always recondition your mind to absorb the good in everything. It was quite an interactive session where Ms. Arunima Sharma spoke with students both during the session and later personally and explained to them that the key to a happier and stress-free life was making peace with one’s past, being cheerful and loving ourselves unconditionally.