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Events and Activities

On Saturday the 10th February, 2018, the students of M.Sc. Environment Management (2017-19) were taken to a field excursion at Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve, Haridwar for the demonstration of methodology to estimate CO2 emission and H2O flux using portable photosynthesis system. The micrometrological parameters such as air temperature, humidity, solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation and atmospheric pressure were also observed to correlate with rate of CO2 emission and H2O flux from ecosystem. On the basis of above observation, the methodology to calculate carbon and water budget of ecosystem was also taught in field conditions. Besides, the students also explored rich biodiversity of the area. They got an opportunity to observe Swamp deer (Cervus duvuacelli) and Spotted deer (Axis axis). Swamp deer is a highly endangered species protected under schedule 1, of the Wildlife Protection Act of India 1972. It is also included in the red data list of the rare animals of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). With the conservation effort of the state government swamp deer population of the lake has increased many folds since 2005.

The students were accompanied by Dr. Mridula Negi, Dr. Hukum Singh and Dr. Meenakshi Sati, FRIDU. The trip gave students an insight to understand the relation between wetlands and climate change. Besides, the students also got opportunity to observe wild life and the efforts being made by the conservationist to protect the endangered species.