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Events and Activities

Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is an annual global exercise carried out under the auspices of Cornell Lab of Ornithology aimed at the larger goal of conserving bird which is based on citizen scientific concept. The Campus Bird Count is a significant component of GBBC which runs every year during 16-19th February. It is a coordinated effort of the volunteers to document the birdlife in multiple campus across India and Forest Research Institute (FRI) is a part of it. Campus Bird Count is a great way to introduce the student to birds and birding, especially as it makes one familiar with avifauna in their own surroundings. Forest Research Institute (Deemed to be University; FRIDU), Dehradun conducted this event led by Dr. Dhananjay Mohan (CCF Wildlife, Uttarakhand), Dr. Raman Kumar (State Coordinator, GBBC, Uttarakhand), Dr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Sipu Kumar, Ms. Pooja Chand and Mr. Gurpreet Khalsa. In 450 hectare area of FRI, a tremendous avian diversity was reported making the species count 186 in four days, which constitute important habitats for birds resulting in record of some new species such as, Sirkeer malkoha (Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii) and Short-toed snake eagle (Circaetus gallicus) reported in the FRI New Forest Campus. Documenting of avian richness was done in accordance with the protocol of eBird. Such events add to the cognizance of the students and inculcate the will to conserve nature, these events reveal the great biodiversity which is bestowed upon the campus of FRI. FRIDU wishes to thank Dr. Savita (Vice-Chancellor, FRIDU), Dr. H.S. Ginwal (Dean, FRIDU), Dr. A.K. Tripathi (Registrar, FRIDU), Dr. Salil Dhawan (Programme Coordinator), Dr. Hukum Singh (Scientist-B), Dr. Vipin Parkash (Scientist-E & Programme Coordinator), Dr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Sipu Kumar, Ms. Pooja Chand and the active participants of M.Sc. Forestry and Environmental Management for smooth conduct and support provided during the event.

For more detail on avifaunal diversity of FRI please visit:

1. https://ebird.org/gbbc/country/IN?yr=cur&m=&rank=mrec

2. https://ebird.org/gbbc/hotspot/L1968610