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Attendance Rules

  1. A student has to attend 75% of the lectures delivered and 75% of the practical held separately for each course in each semester.
  2. The duration of Industrial attachment/ dissertation/thesis works / study tour have to be accounted separately for 75% attendance.
  3. The attendance of a student shall be counted from the date of his/her admission, while in the case of promoted student, attendance shall be counted from the date on which respective classes begin.
  4. The Dean/Director may condone shortage of percentage in attendance not exceeding 5% in each subject for cogent reasons. This rule applies only if the student had attended 70% of the lectures in the aggregate for the semester examinations.
  5. The Academic Council shall have power to condone any deficiency of attendance on cogent reasons. This does not apply to individual cases.
  6. FRI (D) U shall notify on the notice board the final attendance position of each of its students within three days of the dispersal of the classes in the last session of the semester. Not later than five days, thereafter, a student may, by an application to the Dean/ Director, claim benefit of exclusion of lectures under sub-clause (4) above on grounds to be specified and accompanied by the relevant documents. All such applications submitted within time shall be considered and disposed of by the Dean/ Director, at least 3 days prior to the commencement of the examination, in which the student is intending to appear.
  7. The Dean (A) may consider, on the basis of the Medical Certificates produced, exceptionally hard cases of students who had fallen seriously ill or had met with an accident during the year disabling them from attending classes for a certain period, with a view to determining whether the lectures etc. delivered during the said period, or a part thereof, could be excluded for purposes of calculation of attendance of the semester and decide each case on its own merits. However, the student/ parents will have to inform to Dean (A) as soon as student fell ill or had met with an accident.                                     
  8. Leaves (to attend sports meet outside university and other extracurricular activities) without sanction from Dean (A) will not be considered for attendance.
  9. Medical certificates shall be excluded, while calculating marks to be awarded for regularity, though such certificates shall continue to be taken into account for the purpose of calculating eligibility to appear for examinations as per the existing provisions of Ordinance.
  10. There shall be weightage of 5 marks (taken from Internal Assessment marks) for regularity in attending lectures and practicals. The marks for regularity in each course (Theory and practical combined), based on attendance, shall be as follows:
Attendance % in each course Maximum Marks
75% 1
76 to 79% 2
80 to 84% 3
85 to 94% 4
95% and above 5