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Board Of Studies

Subject to the general supervision of the Academic Council, all matters connected with the Doctoral programme of a Ph.D. Scholar is dealt with in accordance with these ordinances by the following committees:

Powers And Functions

  1. The Board of Study is constituted for each course run in the Institute.
  2. The Director as per guideline given under the clause 12 of the Memorandum of Association constitutes the Board of Studies for different subjects on the recommendation of Dean (Academic).
  3. The Board of Studies advise the Institute on matters relating to the syllabuses for the subjects of instruction permitted in the various courses.
  4. Provided that minor change or urgent nature be made in the course of studies by the Board of study and these changes be reported to the academic Council for record.
    1. the members of the Board of Study hold office for two years.
    2. A vacancy in the Board of Studies is fixed up for the residue of the term of the members whose place has become vacant, as soon as practicable.
  5. The Board is competent to dispose of its business by meeting or by correspondence or by both as may be convenient.
  6. The Registrar is the member Secretary of Board of Studies. The Dean (Academic) preside over at the meetings of the Board. In absence of the Dean (Academic) the members present shall elect as a Chairman of the meetings.  
  7. Two Boards may be called upon together for consideration of any question affecting the Board concerned.
  8. The Board of Studies see that recommendations for major changes in the syllabi for any examination shall not be made before a period of three years from the date when it was first brought into force.
  9. The Board of Studies give its expert opinion on matters referred to it in the agenda issued by the Registrar. Items other than those specifically indicated in the agenda shall not be considered unless prior permission of Dean (Academic)/ Director to include such items has been taken by the Secretary.
  10. The Board of Studies see that changes in the prescribed text books are only made after long intervals. All recent publications issued since the last meeting are considered for inclusion as Reference Books only. Revision of prescribed text books is made after a period of at least three years or the full duration of the course whichever is later.